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What level of experience does it take to take individual classes or courses?

Classes and courses are open to all levels and types of photographers - we just ask that you be involved, willing to learn and understand the basics of using your camera.

What equipment do I need to bring?

For practical classes:

  1. We recommend bringing a digital SLR camera, a pair of lenses for variety (I recommend a 24-70mm, 50mm or 35mm lens). If you don't have these lenses, you can use the ones you have.

  2. Bring some memory cards.

  3. A spare battery

  4. A tripod. It is not mandatory (we have tripods for you to use in class).

For digital lab classes:

Our laboratory is fully equipped with two work areas, so you don't need to bring anything else besides an external disk and notebook.

Are travel costs included in the cost of training?

The cost covers trainings only (unless otherwise noted). You will be responsible for your travels. However, in practical classes, the displacements carried out by us have a cost of: € 0.35 per km (thirty-five cents/km)

Is my payment refundable?

We understand that sometimes unexpected changes happen and that's why we will be as flexible as possible with the cancellation. We need to be notified of the cancellation as soon as possible - if you decide to cancel 30 days before the training starts the deposit is refundable.

If you cancel after 30 days in advance the deposit is non-refundable.

However, we do allow the deposit to be used as a credit for another date if you wish to do so.

What happens if I cancel a date for a professional photography class?

No problem because when you acquire the professional photography course you are acquiring a private training, the class will be scheduled for another date, guaranteeing a complete training of 160 hours.

How many trainees will there be per class?

You will be the only trainee, our course is on a private basis, our experience tells us that this is the best way to learn an art.

What are the terms of use for the images we acquire during classes?

The images captured by each individual are for: Non-commercial use - you are allowed to use the images for your portfolio and in print, on websites and on your social media channels. Any commercial use (print sales, exhibitions, etc.) must be cleared up beforehand with Mário Mendes so that the models and/or entities responsible for the heritage can be authorized.

If you have any questions about this matter before you join us or after the start, get in touch.

Is there a newsletter to keep me up to date with the course schedule?

Yes, a timetable will be set according to your preference and our schedule.

It will be the same delivered for you to consult.

Are there any scholarships available, and/or can I get a certificate for the course?

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer scholarships. However, it is subject to change according to its program.

Do I have a document proving my training?

Yes, you will have a diploma or a certificate issued by us.

  • The Diploma attests to the successful completion of the course.

  • The Certificate of Attendance declares participation in the course and the number of hours attended, and is issued for cases whose grade was less than 10 points or whose attendance was less than 90% of the total number of hours in the course.

How can I ask other questions and/or clear doubts?

By means of contact available

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