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Satisfação do Cliente

Serviço: Restauro de Fotografias Antigas


Boa tarde Sr. Mário,

No verão, vou então ver se os meus tios e primos têm mais fotos para que me faça cópias ou restauros.

Mais uma vez, agradeço-lhe o excelente restauro que fez com a foto dos meus avós e pode contar comigo para divulgar o seu trabalho.



Laura Domingues Pedro

I absolutely recommend

Service: Printing

It is my opinion that the vast majority neglect completely, or in large part, the importance of quality in the printing of their photographic work. Nothing could be more wrong. Fact is, from capturing the photo to exposing it, there are details and procedures to consider that are essential in the final result of an impression. When I asked Mário to print some of my photographs, these details were covered, the various parameters defined and the faithful reproduction of my works was controlled and cared for with attention to detail. I absolutely recommend it.

Isabel S.

Excellence and professional pride

Service: Image Retouching and Correction / Printing

I want to thank Master Mário Mendes, he was tireless with regard to solving my problems.

I also want to thank you for your precious information.

Excellent service, excellent quality. I hope that this master has a recognition compatible with the service he provides to the authors. I also want to thank you for the coffee offered, which is very nice of you.

Best regards,

Ricardo Cardoso

Service of excellence

Service: Printing

Reference experience with regard to quality. Competence and friendliness.

Anabela Martinho

Good job

Service: Restoration of Old Photos

Availability, friendliness, job well done ... Thank you ...

Carla C.

Satisfaction C liente

Service: Printing / E molduramento

I come to congratulate you for the excellent work you have done, both in the printing of the photos and in the assembly of them in the paintings. And from what I saw, I only have one name, Professionalism. Thank you I loved the final result. Hug!

Luis Santos

Excellent service. To recommend

Service: Printing

An excellent service with a guarantee that makes us trust in the work done and makes me recommend it to my friends, an impressive final result, I had never made prints of my photos at this level.

Francisco Azevedo

Great service

Service: Printing

I was unaware, recommended by a friend, who stressed the quality of the prints. I got in touch, and from the first minute I was given all the attention, in a polite and friendly way, and always with the concern to serve me well. The day of the tests, a great environment of cooperation, excellent work qualities from the PCs properly equipped so that we can see and adjust the photos, where Mário's concern in the final result is brutal. Passionate about the whole process that we follow from beginning to end. A very pleasant surprise.


Excellent Service and Support

Service: Printing

I was attended with simplicity and sympathy and not being a layman on the subject I liked the work I saw, regarding its effectiveness and accuracy, I recommend!

Carlos P. Santos

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