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General Conditions of the Loyalty Program

Mendesfoto is the promoter of the Membership card for the Loyalty program, which aims to retain and compensate customers who prefer Mendesfoto.

Adherence and confidentiality of data

Subscription to the Membership Card can be done through the website, and the Membership Card that most interests you can be purchased.

mendesfoto has two Member Cards, Prestige Member and Silver Member, both with monthly payment and the Prestige Member can also be purchased with annual payment, thus saving two monthly fees.

Only people over 18 (eighteen) years old can join the Membership Card Loyalty program.
When signing up, the customer receives their virtual Card (image of the same). There is no physical card.

Subscription to the Membership Card implies that the customer accepts the General Conditions of the Loyalty Program, information that will always be accessible on the website ( For consultation and clarification, you can always use the contacts available on the website - available from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, except holidays.

The Membership Card Loyalty Program consists of creating and making available to its Members a unique set of offers, discounts and other benefits on Mendesfoto services. These offers, discounts and benefits are provided in the card purchase information. Current campaigns or other types of communications, whether of a generic nature or specifically aimed at the interests and preferences of its Members, will be sent by email.

Pursuant to current legislation on the protection of computerized personal data, the data collected by Mendesfoto will be processed and stored by computer, with the purpose of analyzing and managing Members and sending commercial information within the scope of the loyalty program. Customers with a Membership Card have the right to access their information, and may request its correction or amendment at any time. In addition, they can cancel their membership by sending an email to or using the available number (+351 964 269 029).


The Membership Card program reserves the right to decide on the benefits associated with the Mendesfoto Loyalty Card, on its conditions of use, as well as on the cancellation, alteration or replacement of the Loyalty Program, informing members with a minimum advance notice of 30 (thirty) days.

In case of cancellation, alteration or replacement of the Loyalty Program, Mendesfoto will communicate such cancellation, alteration or replacement at and by email.

All advantages in current products and services published by Mendesfoto are subject to availability conditions.

The Member Card, Prestige Member and Silver Member are paid loyalty cards and must be mentioned whenever customers make a purchase or request a service at Mendesfoto. This way, they will have access to all the privileges granted by it.

The Membership card may not, under any circumstances, be sold, loaned or transferred for any reason.

The use of the Membership Card is exclusively intended for its holder, who can only have a single card and respective membership number. If there are, by mistake, several cards associated with the same customer, Mendesfoto will transfer the accumulated information and benefits to a single card, canceling the others.

Associated advantages

Silver Member - Monthly Plan

  • Free access to 1 group lesson per month

  • Remove doubts by phone (1 hour a week)

  • 25% discount on individual lessons

  • Unlimited access to all website content

  • 25% discount on technical explanations (1 time a week duration 1h)

  • 10% discount on laboratory services

  • One (1) sensor cleaning per year

  • One (1) Curator service per year

Prestige Member - Monthly Plan

  • Unlimited group lessons

  • Remove doubts by phone (2 hours a week)

  • 2-hour one-to-one class twice a month

  • Unlimited access to all website content

  • Technical explanations (1 time a week duration 1 hour)

  • 20% discount on laboratory services

  • Priority framing service (labor free)

  • Two (2) sensor cleanings per year

  • Curator Services

Prestige Member - Annual Plan

  • Unlimited group lessons

  • Remove doubts by phone (2 hours a week)

  • 2-hour one-to-one class twice a month

  • Unlimited access to all website content

  • Technical explanations (1 time a week duration 1 hour)

  • 20% discount on laboratory services

  • Priority framing service (labor free)

  • Two (2) sensor cleanings per year

  • Curator Services

The development of specific actions may allow benefits and/or discounts to Member Card holders.

General considerations

Returns and refunds are not foreseen, it is up to the Member to cancel the Card. Renewal is automatic and can be canceled at the end of each month.

Mendesfoto can correct the discounts attributed in error to any member and credit the supplementary amounts resulting from specific promotional campaigns.

Customers with Membership Cards who believe that they are entitled to a discount percentage different from the one they were granted should send an email to and attach copies of payment receipts and the Membership card number. Customers can do so within a maximum period of 3 (three) months after the date of the Invoice-receipt

The Membership Card may adjust offers and discounts made within the scope of the Loyalty Program to the interests of each Member, in accordance with what is possible to foresee, taking into account the analysis of their consumption preferences, resulting from the use of the Membership Card.

The benefit will not apply to products in promotions, and/or special campaigns.

The customer can consult their benefits at www.mendesfoto .com.


Upon joining the program, the customer guarantees that all information provided is true and assumes responsibility for them.

Mendesfoto reserves the right not to accept or grant benefits to cards where fraud and/or misuse is detected. You can also cancel the customer's enrollment with total loss of benefits if fraud, misuse or failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the Membership Card program is detected.

Any dispute regarding the validity, interpretation and/or execution of this regulation and the Membership Card Loyalty program will be exclusively subject to Portuguese law and jurisdiction.

Privacy Policy

Mário Mendes, (MENDESFOTO), headquartered at Rua Paulo Quintela, N.º 10, 3.º Andar, Quinta da Várzea 2815-691 Sobreda - Almada, holder of the tax identification number 200 759 949, will process your personal data at the quality of controller. You can contact us and our Data Protection Officer by email - (Subject: Data Protection) to: cm.mendesfoto or by letter to the address of the head office.

So that the customer can be rewarded for the preference shown in the acquisition of the respective services, through a unique set of offers, discounts and other benefits of the Loyalty Program, Mendesfoto allows him to join the Loyalty program by subscribing of the Membership Card. Your identification and contact information, such as name, date of birth, "e-mail" address, gender (optional), nationality, telephone, login and password, Tax Identification Number (optional) and history Purchases and surveys will be used for the purposes of managing and improving the Loyalty program and management of the respective card, namely to send you statements and information related to the status of your card and for the efficient management of the program's benefits and advantages, to the calculation and attribution of benefits and discounts, based on your consent and our legitimate interest. Upon your consent, we may provide you with campaigns, program benefits and promotions, and information about new Mendesfoto products and services. Your profile will be created and worked on, taking into account the type and frequency of use of your Membership Card to offer you personalized services and promotions, based on our legitimate interest.

We only send data to third parties without your consent when required by law or judicial authority.

The period of time for which your personal data is stored and retained varies according to the purpose for which the data was collected. Thus, your personal data collected for the purpose of managing the card and for sending you communications about campaigns and promotions will be kept for the duration of the card's validity and as long as you are loyal to the Member program.

When purchasing services from Mendesfoto, we will retain your personal data for the duration of our business relationship and with regard to billing data, for a period of 10 years.

As data owner, you may exercise the following rights, within the legally established limits: Right of access, rectification, erasure, opposition, limitation and portability. To exercise these rights, in relation to the data on your Membership Card, you can send a written request to, sending a copy of an identification document and the right you are exercising. If you believe that a violation of the data protection legislation in force has been committed with regard to the processing of your personal data, you also have the right to file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) - https:/ / .

The processing of the Member's personal data is necessary for the execution of these General Conditions and the Loyalty Program. If you want Mendesfoto to stop processing your personal data within the scope of the Membership Card, this implies that you will no longer be able to use the card and the benefits arising from the Loyalty Program.

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