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Mario Mendes

Born in Barreiro in March 1973, Mario Mendes carries with him a family legacy that spans generations of artists dedicated to capturing beauty and essence through the lens.

A descendant of a family of photographers, Mario Mendes inherited not only the surname but also the passion and mastery of the photographic art that runs in the Mendes family's veins. From his grandfather, Master David Mendes (1916 - 1974), whose work as a portraitist in the 1940s left an indelible mark on the history of photography, to his uncles Mario Mendes and José João Mendes, and his mother, Felismina Mendes, the family has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration, wisdom, and technique.

From a young age, Mario Mendes ventured into the world of photography, exploring the nuances of shadows and refining his sense of framing. Although initially a journey devoid of commercial objectives, this crucial phase allowed him to develop a unique sensitivity, shaping his own unmistakable image and style. With every click of the camera, he echoes the tradition established by his family since 1938, perpetuating the legacy with mastery and innovation.


His Work…

At the service of one of the largest companies and the first “on-demand” photography platform in the world, Mario Mendes works for the leader in artificial intelligence dedicated to image processing, providing photography services in the general area of architecture.

As a photojournalist, he develops photographic reports for national and international media. He collaborates with a leading daily generalist newspaper in Portugal, which sells over 110,000 copies per day.

He is also active in the field of education, offering private photography courses.

Author Photography…

Mario Mendes highlights author photography as his greatest passion, emphasizing a selection of limited edition series photographs.


How He Views His Photographs…

The creation of a work of art is solely the responsibility of its creator. When I create a photograph, I must carry out the entire process from start to finish. I feel that, like a child, who better than me to take care of something that is a part of me!

Mario Mendes

Review by Denise Bethel...

It is with great pleasure that I share my impressions of your photographic work. Upon examining your pieces, I am immediately struck by the emotional depth and technical clarity that permeate each image. Your work is not only visually captivating but also reveals a keen sensitivity and a profound understanding of photographic storytelling.

The way you capture light and shadow is particularly noteworthy, creating an atmosphere that not only defines the setting but also evokes a wide range of emotions. Your ability to find beauty in the most subtle details and to compose scenes that seem to tell entire stories in a single frame is truly exceptional.

Furthermore, your technical mastery is evident. Your choices in composition, perspective, and framing demonstrate a keen technical knowledge and a refined artistic eye. Each photograph is meticulously planned, resulting in a collection that is cohesive and powerful.

What stands out in your work is the ability to connect the viewer to your images in an intimate and personal way. You not only capture moments but also convey the essence and emotion of those moments, creating a lasting and impactful connection with those who view your photographs.

In summary, your photographic work is a testament to your innate talent and your dedication to the art of photography. It is inspiring to see how you seamlessly blend technique and emotion. Congratulations on creating a body of work that impresses not only with its aesthetic quality but also with the depth of its artistic expression.

Denise Bethel

Former Director of the Photography Department, Sotheby’s




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