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Mário Mendes was born in Barreiro on March 1, 1973, descended from a family of photographers, the art that runs in the blood of the Mendes family, from his grandfather Mestre David Mendes (1916 - 1974), a renowned portraitist of the 1940s, to his uncles Mário Mendes and José João Mendes and his mother Felismina Mendes, it is through the family that he finds his source of wisdom and technique, thus developing his photographic art, he starts to photograph from a very young age without commercial purposes, which allows him to develop his strong sensitivity to work with the shadows and his conception of framing, having created his own image and inherent style, following the family tradition since 1938. We are a family owned and operated business.

In his studio, he invests in prints made in the highest quality of fine art, from the drying process at controlled temperature and humidity, to the detail of printing using high quality Fine Art paper, honoring the highest standards of rigor.

In his studio he receives photographers who seek the best for their prints, whether for exhibitions, contests or for sale, his work in the execution of printing and framing is a reference in the world of photography.


Your job…


At the service of one of the largest companies and the world's first “on-demand” photography platform. Being the leader of artificial intelligence dedicated to image processing, it performs photography services in the area of ​​architecture in general.

As a photojournalist, he develops photographic reports for national and international media, collaborator of a daily generalist newspaper, market leader in Portugal, with more than 110 thousand copies sold per day.

Conta também com a área da formação onde ministra cursos particulares de fotografia.


Author photo ...


Mário Mendes highlights author photography as his biggest flame, highlighting in the online store an election of limited series photographs, numbered and autographed accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, in which the entire process is carried out by the author thus creating an added value to photography.


How you look at your photos ...


The creation of a work of art is solely for the author… when I create a photograph I have to carry out the whole process from beginning to end, I feel that as if it were a child, who better than me to treat something that is part of me!

Mário Mendes   




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