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Limited Edition 1 unit

Total size 650 x 600 mm
40mm concave black bezel
100mm white passepartout
Image size 379 x 329 mm
Numbered 1/1
Author Certificate

Guarantee certificate

Registration Certificate


  • Information

    Registration Certificate

    Photograph by author, the prints are created in our studio using the highest quality of fine arts, as well as the entire process from drying at controlled temperature and humidity, packaging and shipping is carried out with a high level of care, the entire process being completely manual so that it can reach you within our high standards of rigor.

    The high quality inks not only guarantee a perfect and clear image with vivid tones, as well as a long life, 100 years is our guarantee without discoloration or loss of shine. High quality fine art paper.

    The print is unique and is made after purchase. The procedure is individual and completely exclusive, with the item being numbered and autographed after passing our rigorous quality check, as well as issuing a certificate of authenticity.

    The entire process is carried out by the author, thus creating added value to his photography.

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